ideal post length for online content

What Length Should My Social Media Posts Be?

Great question! While lots of people are recommending this and that, largely based on their own direct experience of trial and error, I turn to the big guns for my answers.

Enter the Buffer App team, which is very serious about optimizing social media efforts. They have gathered a pretty complete list of research-based findings for post lengths in your various social media networks. Read on for the summary of findings.

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Getting Started With Social Media Posting

When you are getting started with social media, it can be a bit overwhelming to try and understand what to post. Sure, there is information out there about when to post, but just what is it that you should post about? Here is a basic outline, in infographic form, via, that will get you started. It will even help the more experienced social media users clarify and organize their strategies. Read More

often overlooked SEO aspects

Aspects of SEO Often Overlooked

Everyone is looking for the simple answers to their SEO questions, but SEO is a very complex topic that easily bleeds over into almost every other aspect of a website’s design. I found this excellent write up over at Smashing Magazine on some of the many things that ought to be considered in order to better optimize your website’s SEO.

Here’s a summary of the ideas I think will be most useful to my readers.

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Google Predictions for 2014: Mobile Won

Mobile Visitors Outweigh Desktop Visitors

If you have been on the fence about converting your website to a mobile friendly, responsive design, it is time to climb down and get in the rodeo, desperado. I have been harping on this already. Eric Schmidt, Google’s Executive Chairmain, recently spoke on this topic. The bottom line?

“The trend has been that mobile was winning. It’s now won.”

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social media guides

Social Media Guides

Getting into social media can be difficult for those who are not simply taken away by it. If you market your business online though, it can be an essential set of skills to develop in order to make the most of this (mostly) free advertising medium.

Where to start with each of the social media platforms? I have gathered here some guidelines, walkthroughs and instructions for some of the most popular social media networks.

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wordpress 3.8

WordPress 3.8 – It’s Time To Update!

The latest version of WordPress is out and this is your reminder that it is time to update. The first thing you will probably notice after you update is that the admin for your website has been given a completely new design. The idea behind this change is to bring the aesthetic into the modern era while also making the admin work better with all devices (mobile touch screens!).

To learn more about how you can customize the look of your new WordPress admin panel please read on…

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features & benefits in blog post writing

Features, Benefits & Social Media Posts

Marketing is a huge topic, and I don’t claim to be the ultimate go to guy for marketing a business. However, I spend a lot of time doing just that for my own business, and I like to share what I learn with my clients and anyone else who might wander on to this blog.

Social media has become a powerful force for marketing a business online. In order to make better use of social media communications (i.e. posting on social media for your business) I suggest turning to the old marketing foundations of features and benefits.

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social media ideas for the holidays

Holiday Marketing Ideas With Social Media

Social media, no matter which network(s) you are using, offer a year round abundance of opportunities for you to promote your business to your audience. Even more so do these opportunities increase during the holiday season.

Here are some inspirations and ideas for you to utilize with your social media in order to take advantage of this critical time of year.

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Tuning Instagram Images For Better Engagement

Getting your chops up to par for delivering a beautiful and interesting stream of photos on Instagram can be great fun. But how can you tune your image’s subtitles to get even more attention?

This infographic from is the result of their study of over 8,000,000 images on Instagram in order to discern what image traits get more likes. The good news? It is al fun stuff to play with!

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Facebook Privacy Tips

Facebook Privacy Tips

Facebook privacy has transformed from a hot topic (when it first became news) into a near daily discussion point in social media conversations. If you use Facebook, it is a very good idea for you to know how the privacy settings work and also how to conduct yourself online, in general, in order to protect yourself. The group over at The Best Computer Science Schools have put together this very inclusive infographic that covers all the major topics regarding Facebook privacy. Read More

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