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5 Things That Can Get Your Facebook Page Shut Down

A Facebook page seems like the perfect place to engage your customers/fans in quick little promotions. It is, but did you know that Facebook has certain no-no’s about how you go about your promotions through your Facebook page?

Update Aug 28, 2013:  Facebook has removed some of the below restrictions!

How Not to do a Promotion on Your Facebook Page

I found this excellent write up over at the Search Engine Journal that clarifies the main things to avoid doing on your Facebook page in order to not get shut down. They are in fact all things that most Facebook business page owners may have thought they could do.

To summarize…

Facebook page cover image word limit.
As I have mentioned before, your Facebook page cover image can only contain up to 20% of it’s area in text.

Promotions on a Facebook page must be done through a Facebook app.
It is not permissible to run promotions through your timeline posts.

Do not use Facebook functionality (as in “likes” or image uploading) as entry into a promotion.
It is totally okay to ask your fans to like things, upload images and so forth, you simply cannot use those actions as signifying an entry into a promotional offer.

Do not notify winners through Facebook.
You cannot use Facebook as your initial means of notifying winners. Use email.

When you collect info from fans you must make it clear that it is you, and not Facebook, that is collecting the information. 
Just add this in to your full disclosure statement about what the information you collect is for.

Questions about Facebook page rules and promotions?

I am always happy to discuss such things.

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The above rules are very important to keep in mind, especially as your fan following grows and your page becomes more noticeable. The above rules may seem contrary to how you would expect to be able to use Facebook; all the more reason to make sure you abide by them.

For more details, including links to the official Facebook documents on the above topics, check out the Search Engine Journal post.

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