Announcing A Website We’ve All Been Waiting For

All around the world there are pockets of movements towards the conscious undertakings of community, and a big part of all of our communities is doing business. We all want to know how we can support those businesses that are local, sustainable and most importantly conscious. Now on Maui we have one easy resource to refer to for all of our information on conscious businesses,

For the project owner, Hoku, who grew up on Maui, it has been a long time dream to help bring the conscious community together. Maui is filled with conscious businesses, the mindset of the island life inspires so many to take up a progressive and conscious approach to what they offer the world. Now, with Conscious Maui, they have a place where they can all be easily found and promoted.

The nine top level business listing categories on Conscious Maui. Each of these categories breaks off into more sub categories.

At the heart of the site is a clear directory of businesses that organizes them into easy to peruse topics. Are you living on Maui and looking for consciously grown food? Are you visiting Maui looking for a conscious experience of Hawaiian Culture? Looking to go on a retreat or offer one? Looking for bodyworks, healers or reader? Outdoor activities? Experiences with animals? Conscious Maui has them all, right at your fingertips.

Maui has a lot of organizations working to make Maui, and the world, a better place. One of the special categories that the site offers is a directory of Conscious Maui non profits. This will help you find the organizations that are worth sharing your time and resources with.

A screen shot from the top of the Volunteer and Donate page on the site. It is really vast, so please go check it out.

In addition to the vast directory of conscious businesses on Maui, the site also offers an extensive calendar of conscious events on Maui. You can also find quick Maui weather updates via their twitter hasthtag #CMWeather. They bring all posts with the hashtag onsite in one easy to browse page for Maui Surf and Weather. Looking for special offers? Conscious Maui has you covered there too with their special offers page.

As an alternative to browsing the business listing by categories, the sitter has also introduced as special sorting scheme called the Conscious Maui Gecko Guide. This lets you get at the services you want that fall broadly within the realms of Eco-Friendly & Sustainable, Alternative Health & Wellness, Preservation & Conservation, Non Profit & Volunteerism and Culturally Significant/Hawaiian. The Gecko Guide is a great place to start if you just want to be wowed by all that is going on on Maui.

the gecko guide ads a bit of color and character to the site, but more importantly it helps showcase just what is meant by a “conscious” business.

While all of this features are both useful and fun to use, the main purpose of the site is to get you business information on the conscious businesses of Maui. This is done through the business listing page, which each business gets for itself. The best part about this site is that the basic business listing are free (always). For small businesses just getting off the ground, who may not have a website of their own in their budget, this free listing is an amazing marketing resource to help get the word out and get their business info into the hands of new customers.

The free business listing will get you al the basics you need to get notice online. Conscious Maui does offer paid upgrades to the business listings. If you compare the prices for these upgrades against print, radio and other web marketing solutions, you will see real quick what an amazing deal this service is. The premium listings include social media, maps and more.

An example premium listing.

So go check out and help spread the word!

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