often overlooked SEO aspects

Aspects of SEO Often Overlooked

Everyone is looking for the simple answers to their SEO questions, but SEO is a very complex topic that easily bleeds over into almost every other aspect of a website’s design. I found this excellent write up over at Smashing Magazine on some of the many things that ought to be considered in order to better optimize your website’s SEO.

Here’s a summary of the ideas I think will be most useful to my readers.

Complex Problems, Simple Solutions

Ten years ago the topic of SEO was largely about keywords and page descriptions. This has changed steadily over time, but more recently has begun to take some serious turns.

Add to this mix that everyone is looking for solutions to deliver their websites to the rapidly growing mobile audience and you have a whole blend of potential pitfalls. Fortunately they can all be addressed when things are kept simple.

From the article, here are my takeaways…

Is the site indexed?
First thing is first. You need to make sure your site is turning up in relevant search results.

Is the website crawlable?
The way a website is indexed by search engines is by sending out it’s little robots to “crawl” your pages and record them. There are a few different good ways to improve your websites crawlability in order to make the search robots like you more, mostly involving how your content is coded and presented on a page.

Does the website work well without images, Flash or Javascript?
Each of these elements are wonderful for delivering a site with slick animations and stunning graphics. Yet in today’s world you have to make sure that the search engines, as well as the low-tech mobile devices, can see your content even without these fancy elements.

Is the website easy to share?
I am continually amazed when I visit top end websites that have made their content structurally difficult to share (via social media). This doesn’t mean providing “share” buttons. This is more about information architecture and what is delivered on a given page.

Does the website deliver content the visitor wants/needs no matter what device it is viewed on?
This is not just good for the visitors. Google pays attention to whether or not your website is mobile friendly and if it is you will be included in mobile device search results.

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Some other things to watch out for:

  • Does the page load quickly?
  • Does the site try and get you to download an app instead of just showing you what you asked for?
  • Does the site contain duplicate content?

All of these aspects should be addressed when delivering a modern website. You can geek out and read more details on this topic on the original post here.

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