How to export your Wordpres content.

How To Backup WordPress

WordPress, used correctly, is a very secure website solution. But any website is potentially subject to a number of threats that are simply beyond the owner and webmaster’s control.

So how can you make sure you don’t loose any of your content if the unforeseeable happens? Follow these steps for an easy backup.

Quick Tip:
Backup your WordPress site regularly so that you know you can restore the site should the worst occur.

It’s Easy to Backup WordPress

First, log into your WordPress admin control panel. On the left hand menu, under Tools, click on Export. This will bring up the WordPress export interface.

On this page you can select what you want to export. For our purposes, select All Content. Then click Download Export File. This will save a file (called an XML file) to your computer. The file will have your site’s name and the date of this export. Keep it in a safe place just in case you need it to restore your site at a later date.

using the wordpress export tool

The WordPress export tool offers some very basic options.

As you get in this habit, backing up monthly, or perhaps even weekly, you can delete old backup files if you like. The date in the file name will help keep things organized.

That’s it!

Note: this basic backup tool does not back up any images you have uploaded to your site in posts or pages. I offer a comprehensive backup solution, which includes absolutely everything in your site (content, code, images, etc) as part of my Monthly Website Upkeep Plan.

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