Announcing A Website We’ve All Been Waiting For

All around the world there are pockets of movements towards the conscious undertakings of community, and a big part of all of our communities is doing business. We all want to know how we can support those businesses that are local, sustainable and most importantly conscious. Now on Maui we have one easy resource to refer to for all of our information on conscious businesses, For the project owner, Hoku, who grew up on Maui, it has been a long time dream to help bring the conscious community together. Maui is filled with conscious businesses, the mindset of the…

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Alien Sky App Tutorial

Alien Sky Tutorial: Getting Cosmic On Instagram

I don’t know about you, but I have a deep fondness for 70’s fusion rock album covers. You know, the ones that portrayed tripped out alien worlds with strange vistas and giant, mysterious planetary orbs in the sky. Oh if only we could turn my mundane sunset iPhone photos into such spaced-out masterpieces!

Here is my tutorial on using the Alien Sky app to do just that. Tutorial level: Beginner.

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Hashtags Tutorial: An App that Makes Hashtags Manageable

Hashtags have become a cornerstone of content discovery, especially on the networks Instagram, Twitter and Google Plus. Even Facebook has adopted their use, making them present on all the big social media networks. Yet it can be a daunting task to keep track of all the hashtags you want to use on a regular basis, especially when you are posting from an iPhone.

That’s where the Hashtags App by PreGram comes into play. Here’s a tutorial on how to use this most helpful little app. Tutorial level: Easy.

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scheduling posts in buffer

Buffer App Tutorial: Scheduling Posts for Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus

When you run a business, or two, and need to stay on top of your social media posting it is essential that you get skilled with using a post scheduler. Buffer is just such a tool which allows you to set up a bunch of future posts for multiple networks and then sit back and relax while it does the rest. Here’s my tutorial on how to get started using this time saving tool.

Tutorial level: Beginner to Intermediate

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Using Mextures For Custom Instagram Filters

Mextures Tutorial: Expanding Your Instagram Filters For Beginners

While the default Instagram filters will suffice for the casual user, they get pretty repetitive feeling for the more artistically inclined. If you haven’t checked out the power of the amazing app called Mextures I suggest you follow my tutorial below which will get you on the fast track to taking your iPhone camera photos to the next level.

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

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Thinking features and benefits in blog content

Features, Benefits & Social Media Posts

Marketing is a huge topic, and I don’t claim to be the ultimate go to guy for marketing a business. However, I spend a lot of time doing just that for my own business, and I like to share what I learn with my clients and anyone else who might wander on to this blog.

Social media has become a powerful force for marketing a business online. In order to make better use of social media communications (i.e. posting on social media for your business) I suggest turning to the old marketing foundations of features and benefits.

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ideal post length for online content

What Length Should My Social Media Posts Be?

Great question! While lots of people are recommending this and that, largely based on their own direct experience of trial and error, I turn to the big guns for my answers.

Enter the Buffer App team, which is very serious about optimizing social media efforts. They have gathered a pretty complete list of research-based findings for post lengths in your various social media networks. Read on for the summary of findings.

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Getting Started With Social Media Posting

When you are getting started with social media, it can be a bit overwhelming to try and understand what to post. Sure, there is information out there about when to post, but just what is it that you should post about? Here is a basic outline, in infographic form, via, that will get you started. It will even help the more experienced social media users clarify and organize their strategies. Read More

often overlooked SEO aspects

Aspects of SEO Often Overlooked

Everyone is looking for the simple answers to their SEO questions, but SEO is a very complex topic that easily bleeds over into almost every other aspect of a website’s design. I found this excellent write up over at Smashing Magazine on some of the many things that ought to be considered in order to better optimize your website’s SEO.

Here’s a summary of the ideas I think will be most useful to my readers.

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