facebook promotions are easy now

Facebook Promotions Become More Intuitive

I recently posted the official Facebook rules for promotions on your Facebook page, and with them made a brief comment about how we are officially not allowed to use the most intuitive tools, such as likes, posts and comments, to run promotions. Well Facebook apparently got my message, because they just had a major announcement that lifts that restriction.

Check out the official info…

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how to choose the right social media network for your business

How to Choose a Social Network for Business

When I start working with a new client, more often than not they have little to no social networking experience. The main confusion they express to me is that they don’t know the difference between the different networks. How can they choose which one(s) to use if they don’t understand how each one can benefit them? Here’s a quick outline of how each social media network can work for your business, depending on the needs and resources at your disposal. Read More

writing for sep

Writing for SEO & Humans

Creating great web copy is a twofold task; you must be writing for SEO ranking and writing for your reader’s benefit. With all the latest updates in Google’s approach to website ranking, it is becoming ever more important to have an understanding and strategy to include both dimensions.

Fortunately for us the peeps over at contentverve.com have created a simplified infographic on how to approach both sides of the task.

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facebook cover photo compliance tool

Facebook Cover Photo Compliance Tool

A Facebook page cover photo is only allowed to have up to 20% of its surface area to contain text. Have you ever tried to estimate what percent of your cover photo contains text? I know it hurts my brain.

Struggle no more! Use this simple tool to test your Facebook cover photo and get a much better idea of what percentage you are using.

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update to wordpress 3.7

WordPress Update – Version 3.6

The latest release of WordPress is out which means it is time for a WordPress update. In addition to the general core updates this release includes some fancy new functionality for us users. Read on to learn more about how to make the update and what it comes with.

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seo scams & how to avoid them

SEO Scams & How To Avoid Them

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry is huge and there are no shortages of “experts” out there who will sell you their services. But can they deliver or are they selling you an SEO scam? How can you tell if the service you are getting is actually benefitting your website?

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video marketing with instagram and vine

Video Marketing With Vine & Instagram For Your Small Business

Is your small business using Instagram or Twitter? Have you considered the possibilities of what you can do to creatively get more attention from your followers by utilizing video marketing?

Traditional video marketing (think TV commercials) can be a labor and cost intensive affair. Now however, with the introductions of Twitter Vine and Instagram videos, we all have a valuable tool for reaching our audience right in our pocket. Here’s some tips and ideas on how to take advantage of the current tools for small business video marketing.

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how to get more likes on facebook

How to Get More Likes on Facebook

Is there nothing an infographic cannot address? Probably not. This time it is a super handy overview of how to approach your posting so you can get more likes on Facebook. This could be of interest to anyone on Facebook, looking for more engagement, but in particular should be very useful to businesses looking for more from their Facebook business page.

This covers a couple things I have discussed here myself, and gives you some data to support these ideas. The infographic was created by Analytics firm KissMetrics.

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update to wordpress 3.7

Update WordPress to 3.5.2

It’s time to update your core WordPress installation. This latest version of WordPress is a security and maintenance update. So no new bells and whistles, but certainly essential things under the hood that you will want.

For more info on how to do this for yourself or to get help from me, read further.

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