facebook hashtags

Facebook Hashtags For Your Business Page

Support for Facebook hashtags has been officially announced via their blog. This brings Facebook up to speed with other social networks that have been using them forever, including Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.

While Facebook has give the newbie hashtag user an easy intro, I thought I would expand on the ideas a bit more.  So how can you make use of this seemingly silly little method for categorizing your posts?

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photography tips from oneextrapixel.com

Photography Tips For Phone Cameras

Just about everyone these days is taking photos from their mobile phone. Bazillions of people who never aspired to to be photographers are now snapping, stylizing and posting pictures like we were born to do it. And we could all use some photography tips to help us do it well.

Tips abound online on how to take better mobile photos, but it can be overwhelming where to start if you want to learn more. Fortunately for us, the web magazine One Extra Pixel has posted some very helpful photography tips in their new infographic.

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white hat seo vs. black hat seo

White Hat SEO VS. Black Hat SEO

The world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or “techniques to make your site a priority in search engines,” is awash with rhetoric; conflicting opinions and often purposefully misguiding information abound. Sales pitches aside, all SEO techniques fall into one of two categories: “white hat SEO” and “black hat SEO.”

You see, there are a lot of ways to get search engines to notice you. Some attempt to take advantage of code loopholes to speed up the natural process, and these are the black hat SEO techniques.

Recently, Google has implemented even more effort to penalize the black hat SEO users and benefit the white hat SEO users. So just what is the difference?

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Google SEO

Google SEO Updates Coming Summer 2013

Google is regularly updating how its search engines rank and deliver websites to the world. Google SEO should be top of the list of priorities for any website that wants to generate traffic from searches.

Matt Cutts, who is seen in the SEO community as the Google SEO spokesman, this week posted a preview of the changes coming this summer on his blog. Here’s a summary of these changes and how they effect your website.

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facebook scams and what to look for

Facebook Scams And How to Spot Them

Have you ever seen a Facebook scam? Have you ever succumbed to one? Most of them are pretty obvious, at least if not at first certainly after you have given in and clicked.

Spotting a Facebook scam can be pretty easy, even humorous, once you know what to look for.

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Wordpress Security Anyone Can Do

WordPress Security Basics For Website Owners

WordPress security is something every owner of a WordPress website should take seriously. WordPress is a very secure system, but only if you don’t leave doors open for hackers through misuse.

Attacks on websites with password protection, like those running WordPress, are ongoing. It is nothing to take personal. It’s just the reality of the Internet ecosystem.

“Brute force” attacks target your actual user name and password login system to try and get to the other side. Here are the basics of making your WordPress login hacker-proof. With no geekery required.

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facebook cover image strategies

Facebook Cover Image: Keeping It Fresh

By far the most customizable feature of your Facebook Page is the Facebook cover image. It allows for a nice big chunk of screen to display just about anything you like.

Most people design a Facebook cover image, put it in play, and leave it alone from then on. Only if they change their logo or some other substantial design elements do they reconsider the cover image design.

But this approach is missing out on one of the main benefits of the Facebook cover image: flexibility!

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social media is about having a conversation as a means of connecting

Social Media For Business: Be Somebody

If you are going to have a business presence on a given social media site, it is vital that you keep that presence alive with something more than automated posts that amount to little more than a stream of advertisements for your business. If you want your presence to be valued by others, social media for business is about more than spamming your brand  to your fans.

What is it that we want from a business, or anyone for that matter, on social networks?

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Get more instagram filters with these free apps

Instagram Filters – Three Free Apps For More Variety

For those who love a bit of abstraction and art in each post they share with the world, Instagram is social networking at its best. And Instagram filters are just fun.

The default assortment of filters is certainly enough to give your photos that extra something special to make them pop, but after a while they do all start looking a bit like the same old same old. So here’s a collection of free apps that will add to your collection of Instagram filters and effects for your photos.

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