writing for your blog is easy once you get the knack

Blogging Is Writing

Top of the list for most of my client’s websites is the inclusion of a blog. Even if they have never blogged before it is almost always, at the very least, something they want to try. I myself think blogging is great, but it can also be a fair amount of work; extra work if you don’t have a strategy.

So what are some basic approaches to getting some blogging chops?

Quick Tip
Blogging is writing about your ideas, and writing is a skill we can all develop by exercising it.

Take some time to explore writing just for the practice of doing so. Then watch the blog ideas start streaming forth!

Blogging is an Exercise

The main thing to recognize about blogging is that it is writing, and writing is a skill that grows with exercise. Developing your writing skill to blog can be really easy when you put it into practice in some very simple ways.  Some ideas to get you going:

  • Basic Training: Try writing 750 words (about one page) of stream of consciousness copy each day – just get it out! Don’t think about, don’t make rules about it, don’t stop until you have written that last word.
  • Develop Skills: Regularly write down possible blog post titles (keep a running list), then once a day (or so) choose one of them and try drafting a post about it. Shoot for 250-500 words.
  • Move to Finish: Once a week, instead of writing something new, use your writing time to reread and edit the stuff you have already written.
  • Mastery is Doing: Approach each writing session without assumptions about what you should or shouldn’t accomplish. I like to say to myself, “without memory, without desire, without understanding.” Very Zen, indeed. But this helps remind me to stay in the moment and not try to make anything happen.

The key to successful blogging is to become familiar with the process of idea creation, then fleshing out those ideas into simple posts. It is really not so hard at all once you get the basic feel for it. Start today and remember, have fun with it! Writing is, after all, an art.

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