focusing in order to communicate clearly with each blog post

Blogging: Composing A Thought

Blogging is a very cool form of self expression. Learning to refine one’s ideas down to the basic message, then deliver that message in such a way as to inspire, is a worthy art. Simple, but not always easy.

Staying Focused

Quick Tip:
Focus on giving your readers just one actionable idea per post.

I may not follow this advice all the time myself, nor suggest anyone else make it an unbreakable rule. But keeping this principle in mind will definitely help you scale down your message to its essence, and free you from the compulsion to include endless ramifications to your thoughts.

Keep in mind there are a lot of different styles of blog post, and a lot of reasons why a given blog post might be lengthy. However, in all cases, staying on topic and to the point will always benefit your readers, and therefor you.

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