Easy Google Analytics Custom Dashboard for Content Quality

Easy Google Analytics: Content Qaulity

Google Analytics is an awesome tool. At a glance it can provide you with a general idea of your site’s visitors and what they are viewing. Very helpful out of the box.

But what do you do when you are ready for more useful information, yet don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs of the advanced analytics? Simple! You download my free Google Analytics dashboard.

Quick Tip:
Install this Google Analytics Custom Dashboard (just a couple of clicks) to monitor the performance of your website’s content.

Use this info to plan future content and revise old content.

Visitor Behavior as Measure of Content Quality

This custom Google Analytics Dashboard is easy to install into your Analytics account (see below). In just a couple clicks you can begin to easily monitor:

  • Top Website Content
  • Top Landing Page Bounce Rate
  • Top Exit Pages
  • Bounce Rate by Browser
  • Visits by Browser

Everything you need for that quick data that tells you how well your site content is doing enabling you to make more informed decisions about new content and past content revisions.

How to Install?

First, you must have Google Analytics set up and installed on your site.

Next, click the link below and add the custom dashboard to your chosen analytics profile. You can then find it in your analytics page under the Dashboard tab.

Install Dashboard

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