Using Mextures For Custom Instagram Filters

Mextures Tutorial: Expanding Your Instagram Filters For Beginners

While the default Instagram filters will suffice for the casual user, they get pretty repetitive feeling for the more artistically inclined. If you haven’t checked out the power of the amazing app called Mextures I suggest you follow my tutorial below which will get you on the fast track to taking your iPhone camera photos to the next level.

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Up Your Instagram Game With Mextures App

Just to give you some ideas of where I have gone with Mextures and the variety of styles I have been able to come up with, here are some samples from my Instagram account.

Starting out With Mextures

Once you have purchased Mextures and have taken a photo (with any iPhone app you like) go ahead and open the Mextures app. First thing you will see is a beautiful intro screen with two basic choices: take a photo (“Camera” button) or load a photo from your camera roll (“Library” button).

Mextures Opening Screen

From the Mextures opening screen you can select to either take a photo or load a photo from your camera roll. There are other options below those, but we don’t need to go into those at this point.

If you take a photo it will work much like you would expect it to, similar enough to how most cameras work on the iPhone. Loading a photo from your camera roll is likewise straight forward. You may need to give Mextures permission to access your photos for the first time.

Move & Scale

Once you have selected your photo, either by taking one in the app or loading it from your camera roll, you will be given the “Move & Scale” screen. This too is straight forward.

Scaling and Cropping with Mextures is very intuitive.

Scaling and Cropping with Mextures is very intuitive.

You can drag the photo around for placement as well as pinch and zoom it for scaling. There is a small grid icon with which you can toggle a grid overlay to help align your shot. Then you either select “Crop” or “Don’t Crop” in order to progress. If you want to go back and select another photo tap “Cancel.”

Creating Your Own Layered Photo Filters

Now we are getting into the heart of the Mextures magic. From this main screen you can select your first layer of filtering. Options include radiance, grit & grain, light leaks, emulsion, grunge, landscape enhance and vintage gradients.

Selecting a Mextures formula category.

Scroll through and select a category of pre-made Mextures formulas to try.

Learning to use all that is a lot to take on for a beginner, so instead I want to show you the simplest ways to get deep into this app’s potential. They are called “Formulas.”

Loading A Preset Mextures Formula

Tap the “Formulas” button to switch over to the formulas. Now you will see an assortment of formula categories to select from. For my sample photo I am going to open the “Summer Formulas” by tapping on them.

Trying out the many fresh Mexture filter formulas.

Trying out the many fresh Mexture filter formulas.

Once in a formula category the whole layout will change. At the top you will see your photo, with the first formula in the category already applied to it. At the bottom you will find a scrollable list of formulas in this category which you can tap between to change which one is being applied to your photo.

Tips & Tricks With Mextures Formulas

save and share a Mextures editSave and Share: At any point when sampling formula overlays you can tap the “Send” button in the upper right to share or save the photo in its present state. This is great because it lets you save out a few different versions to your camera roll which you can then open to compare them in.

show original photoShow Original: If you want to see how your image looked before you applied any filters, tap the eyeball icon just below your photo.

go back to formulasGo Back To Formula Categories: If you want to exit out of the formula category you are in tap the little formula bottle icon. This will take you back to the main formula screen from which you can jump into another category.

start over in MexturesStart Over: To stop editing the current photo and load a different one, tap the X in the upper left of the screen.

How To Get More Advanced With Mextures?

You certainly can. This much so far though covers everything I want to talk about for beginners. With the above info you will certainly have enough toys to play with for a while, and they should be welcome changes to the default Instagram filters we have all been using way too much. I will follow up with a tutorial on the more advanced, and more impressive, uses of Mextures soon!

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