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Facebook Cover Image: Keeping It Fresh

By far the most customizable feature of your Facebook Page is the Facebook cover image. It allows for a nice big chunk of screen to display just about anything you like.

Most people design a Facebook cover image, put it in play, and leave it alone from then on. Only if they change their logo or some other substantial design elements do they reconsider the cover image design.

But this approach is missing out on one of the main benefits of the Facebook cover image: flexibility!

Quick Tip:
Modify your Facebook cover image regularly to reflect items of your business or project you want to bring more attention to.

Why the Facebook Cover Image?

The Facebook cover image appears on your Facebook page right at the top. That’s great for when fans actually visit your page. But this usually only happens once right? They visit the page, like it, and from then on only see your posts in their news feed. That’s it, right?

Nope. Now Facebook includes your page’s cover image in the news feed too. It can appear when they rollover your page’s name as it appears almost anywhere on Facebook. It also can appear in a more featured way when people like the page and their friend’s are notified.

Okay, So How Do I Take Advantage of this Exposure?

First of all you need to make sure you follow the rules of how much text can appear on your Facebook cover image. The bottom line is that only 20% of your image can be covered with text. You can find the full guidelines here, but it can be easier to analyze an already in-use Facebook cover image with this handy online tool.

Next, consider your business or project and what you might want to feature. Do you have a new product? A sale? An upcoming event? A special announcement? The possibilities are pretty vast. So change it up often and keep your fans in the know.

To make things easier for you here is my easy template for Facebook cover images (PSD) facebook_cover_template.psd

For a bunch more info and some excellent examples of actual Facebook cover images using the above ideas see here.

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