facebook cover photo compliance tool

Facebook Cover Photo Compliance Tool

A Facebook page cover photo is only allowed to have up to 20% of its surface area to contain text. Have you ever tried to estimate what percent of your cover photo contains text? I know it hurts my brain.

Struggle no more! Use this simple tool to test your Facebook cover photo and get a much better idea of what percentage you are using.

Test Your Facebook Cover Photo

Below you can see an example of the tool using Glopilot’s cover photo.

To test your fan page cover photo input your page’s id in the box below and click the check box. Once your image has loaded, click on the boxes overlaid on it for any that contain text. Of course this will not line up exactly, but it will give you a better approximation than you probably would have gotten just by eyeing it.

[purehtml id=1][/purehtml]

How to Find Your Fan Page’s ID

If you have chosen a custom URL name for your page, it will be that name. For instance:


If not, your fan page’s ID is the last part of the URL (web address) for your fan page. It will look something like this:


Either will work. If you have any difficulty using the above tool you can visit the tool’s website: coverphoto.paavo.ch for a larger version.

Questions about your Facebook page?

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