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Facebook Graph Search & Your Business Page

Just what does the new Facebook Graph Search mean to you and your company’s Facebook page? Honestly, that remains to be seen. But the hype is that this new searching tool will allow people a new level of product and business discovery based on the likes and shares of the friends in their extended network.

So what can you do to make sure your Facebook page is optimized for Graph Searching?

Quick Tip:
Optimize your Facebook page for searching by filling in all the business info and by focusing on attracting likes from people who will keep coming back (give them a reason!).

Optimize Your Page with the Basics

Facebook outlines what you can do to help your page and it is all basic stuff (which is all to easy to overlook). To summarize:

  • Make sure all the basic information on your page is completed, including name, category, vanity URL,  the about section.
  • If your business is a location, make sure your address is in place for local searches.
  • Prioritize attracting the like from people who really appreciate your brand, and give them a reason on your timeline to keep interacting with you.

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