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Facebook Hashtags For Your Business Page

Support for Facebook hashtags has been officially announced via their blog. This brings Facebook up to speed with other social networks that have been using them forever, including Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.

While Facebook has give the newbie hashtag user an easy intro, I thought I would expand on the ideas a bit more.  So how can you make use of this seemingly silly little method for categorizing your posts?

Riding The Facebook Hashtag Wave

Here is the most basic way to take advantage of hashtags to get attention for your page.

  • Find a hashtag that is currently getting some interest. This could be anything from something in the news to a TV show to a hobby and more.
  • Make a post related to that interest.
  • Finish your post with the hashtags you want to be included in.
  • That’s it! Your post will now appear in the feed (search results) for any hashtags you included.

Facebook Hashtags For Beginners

The above process is a great way to get involved in the conversation about anything making the rounds on Facebook. A benefit of it is that it also gets your page exposure to a completely new set of potential fans.

When involved in social conversations, especially as a business, remember to be somebody. With hashtags this means not spamming your feed with ads for your business followed by unrelated hashtags.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t mention your business, when it’s relevant. The real art of social media for businesses is getting into conversations that relate to what you do, to help boost your authority on the topic and point people towards your services. The more you enjoy the art of conversation, the more you will find success with these tools.

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