a facebook business page is essential for landing facebook based search results

Do You Need A Facebook Business Page?

One big confusion people face in utilizing Facebook for business networking is trying to figure out the differences between, and uses for, personal profiles and business pages.

Your profile is your actual Facebook account identity, with your name, but a business page is focused entirely on your business. Both can be used pretty much the same, as far as posting.

So do you really need a business page to promote your business?

Quick Tip:
Always have a Facebook business page for your business or organization.

At the least it serves as a white pages listing for people to find you.

And now with the advent of Facebook Graph Search, finding you has become a whole lot easier.

Profile Vs. Page

Most people start with a nice collection of friends on their main profile, and this makes it tempting to want to use this avenue to promote your business. However, how many of your friends are potential clients?

Certainly there is benefit to sharing your business updates with your profile friends, to spread the word, but in the end, isn’t the goal to get new people aware of and interacting with your business?

And so the Business Page is the better solution. Start off by inviting all your friends to like the page. Then focus on attracting the kinds of fans to your page that resonate with your brand. This will far more enhance your presence on Facebook and improve your ability to be found throughout your extended network.

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