Facebook privacy and identity theft

Facebook Privacy And Your Identity

It seems like Facebook privacy is a constantly evolving issue. Facebook’s latest release, Graph Search, has stirred it all up again as people make mad dashes to clean up their timelines to protect themselves from appearing to be who they are, lol.

Though a lot of privacy issues have to do with protecting one’s self image, the darker side of privacy is the world of identity theft. Frank Abagnale, the famous con-artist of the 60’s (romanticized in the movie “Catch Me If You Can”), who has worked for the FBI for the last 40 years, recently had some things to say about protecting yourself on Facebook.

So what are the basics of Facebook identity protection?

Quick Tip:
Take responsibility for your Facebook privacy and identity security.

Have fun, but be clear on what you are sharing.

DOB, Place of Birth and Facebook Privacy

Abagnale suggests group photos instead. Abagnale, who says he is not on Facebook, but appreciates why people like it, says to to avoid is a passport-like photo anywhere on your profile. Also, never share your DOB and place of birth.

“If you tell me your date of birth and where you’re born [on Facebook] I’m 98% [of the way] to stealing your identity,” he said. “Never state your date of birth and where you were born [on personal profiles], otherwise you are saying ‘come and steal my identity’.”

There are some more tips in the article, that may or may not apply to you. But the bottom line is summed up nicely:

“Your privacy is the only thing you have left,” he said. “Don’t blame all the other companies – Google, Facebook – you control it. You have to keep control of your own information.”


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