facebook scams and what to look for

Facebook Scams And How to Spot Them

Have you ever seen a Facebook scam? Have you ever succumbed to one? Most of them are pretty obvious, at least if not at first certainly after you have given in and clicked.

Spotting a Facebook scam can be pretty easy, even humorous, once you know what to look for.

Quick Tip:
Know what to look for to spot a Facebook scam and stay clear of their lures.

Obviously A Facebook Scam

The most common place you may come across a scandalous link is right on a friend’s wall where it seems they have posted it. You just can’t believe your friend would post this, so you gotta click it to find out why. Next thing you know (or don’t know), the link has been posted on your wall too.

But that is not the only spot you may find such devilish links. Watch for Facebook ads on the right of your wall, and ads on external sites that know you use Facebook.

Things To Look For

Facebook scams may try and get past your radar by alluring you with scandalous news or pictures, or just something that is off the wall, too good too be true, and you find you are just curious to see what it is. Here are some of the most common ones:

See Who Is Looking At your Profile. There is no service that can reveal to you who is looking at your profile. As interesting as that info may be, Facebook does not make this info available to the public.

Get Free Stuff. Whether it is free iphones, ipads, plane tickets, food or otherwise, it is most likely a marketing trick just to get you to click. This is not to say all free offers are traps, but if it sounds too good to be true…

Change the Color of Your Facebook Profile or Page. There are actually very few things you can do to customize your Facebook account’s design. I know because I do these things all the time for clients. But you cannot change its color.

“This Is Incredible – How Did She Do This?” If a friend posts a strange link, usually to a video that seems less than virtuous, and is accompanied with a vague yet excited headline, they probably didn’t post it. They probably saw it on someone else’s wall, clicked it, and it is now on their wall. Don’t let it get on to your’s!

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