Thinking features and benefits in blog content

Features, Benefits & Social Media Posts

Marketing is a huge topic, and I don’t claim to be the ultimate go to guy for marketing a business. However, I spend a lot of time doing just that for my own business, and I like to share what I learn with my clients and anyone else who might wander on to this blog.

Social media has become a powerful force for marketing a business online. In order to make better use of social media communications (i.e. posting on social media for your business) I suggest turning to the old marketing foundations of features and benefits.

Nice Feature, But What’s The Benefit?

When we are promoting a product or service online the first thing we usually turn to is to outline the features. For instance, here are some of my website features:

  • Responsive design.
  • Custom WordPress theme.
  • Advanced SEO tools.
  • One on one WordPress training.

In order to turn these features into benefits, I simply ask the question, “how does X benefit my client?” Some ideas:

  • A responsive design delivers your website to a greater audience by being accessible on any and all devices.
  • A custom WordPress theme engages your visitors by expressing your business’s uniques vision (feeling) visually.
  • Utilizing the advanced SEO tools I provide will help you keep your site climbing the ranks of Google.
  • One on one WordPress training gives you direct access to my 12 years of website experience, getting your individual questions answered.

Benefits In Social Media

Once you get the above little verbiage trick down you won’t be able to stop thinking in these terms. It is not just a great marketing approach, but also a valuable way of perceiving your business’s value in your own eyes; something people will respond to when interacting with you.

To integrate this idea with social media, just learn to craft your posts, tweets and so forth pointing out not just the features, but also expressing the benefits that come along with them. More often than not social media is about short blurbs of inspired language, which is the perfect venue for this kind of idea.


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