Getting Started With Social Media Posting

When you are getting started with social media, it can be a bit overwhelming to try and understand what to post. Sure, there is information out there about when to post, but just what is it that you should post about? Here is a basic outline, in infographic form, via, that will get you started. It will even help the more experienced social media users clarify and organize their strategies.

Social Media Posting Ideas

To summarize, try mixing it up by posting:

  • an interesting, curious or fascinating fact
  • a tip on how to approach something related to your business identity
  • links to other’s content with a brief description why you appreciate the information
  • not too many questions, though these can be great for just the right topic
  • inspire fans to take action by telling them why
  • outline things they can expect from something
  • a sub-note like a P.S. is a great way to reinforce a CTA
  • shorter links, using a link shortener such as
  • images to reinforce your text
  • requests for reader’s to make comments on the post

Here is the complete infographic with more information: status-updates-infographic-b

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