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Google SEO Updates Coming Summer 2013

Google is regularly updating how its search engines rank and deliver websites to the world. Google SEO should be top of the list of priorities for any website that wants to generate traffic from searches.

Matt Cutts, who is seen in the SEO community as the Google SEO spokesman, this week posted a preview of the changes coming this summer on his blog. Here’s a summary of these changes and how they effect your website.

Aim For the Revisit

Google will be doing even more to help bring quality content to the top search results. Quality content means not just content you like on your site, but content your visitors like, and that they revisit often & bookmark.

Google will be looking for sites that are obviously authorities on their topics. This isn’t about saying you are an authority, this is about actually being one, and proving it with your traffic.

Be Wary Of Buying/Trading Links

The Google crackdown on site’s that purchase links to try and increase their rank continues in these new updates. Such links will no longer boost your page rank.

Keep in mind that in essence there is nothing wrong with paying for a link to your site. This can be as simple as an ad banner to bring you more traffic. But stay away from services that offer to boost your rank by putting links to your site around their network. Not only will this no longer help you, but it could also get you penalized if you get in too deep.

If you really geek on this stuff, watch the full video below.


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