social media ideas for the holidays

Holiday Marketing Ideas With Social Media

Social media, no matter which network(s) you are using, offer a year round abundance of opportunities for you to promote your business to your audience. Even more so do these opportunities increase during the holiday season.

Here are some inspirations and ideas for you to utilize with your social media in order to take advantage of this critical time of year.


Whether it is Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas or any of the many other days of note during this time of year, they each offer a point in time to which you can count down to. Using your social media on a daily countdown can build interest and support. Here are some ideas on what you can provide each day of the countdown:

  • New product (photos would be best here).
  • Relevant quote, poetry or lyric (ideally added to a photo that captures the mood).
  • Short video (Vine or Instagram) of a moment in time leading up to the event.
  • A hint about the special thing you will be revealing on the day the countdown is over. This could be a discount, a new product or anything else you have to surprise your followers with.

Micro Documentaries

Share photos, videos and short stories of how your business is involved with the community, the seasonal celebrations or other aspect of the build up to these big days. Let your audience know how you are involved and point them in the direction of how they can be as well.

Hosted Events

If you have a brick and mortar, build up to and host an in-store event to mark the season. Use the above ideas to reinforce this event and gather support.

If you don’t have a physical location, use a public event like a street fair to focus your efforts on. If that is not an option then even a Facebook page or Twitter scheduled Q & A session can serve to yield similar results.

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