does facebook skew post visibility to make you pay for views?

How Many People See Your Facebook Posts?

This has been a question asked a lot around the web of late, as people realize that not all their friends and fans are seeing all of their posts. Many suspect that Facebook is purposefully limiting your posts exposure to friends and fans in order to get you to pay for more exposure.

Here are some statistics from experiments and studies that help us know just how many people are seeing our posts.

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There is an important update to the info in this post to be found here.


Quick Tip:
Know that only a small percentage of your friends and fans see your Facebook posts, and plan accordingly.

If you want more post exposure, consider paying for a featured post. Just make sure your total number of fans or friends is enough to make it worth the price.

So How Many Fans See My Business Page Posts?

I have heard directly from Facebook, in one of their recent marketing videos, that only about 14% of your business page’s fans will see a given post. This does not mean they gloss over it, it means that it never appears in their news feed at all.

The only way to up this number is to pay for a “featured post.” This can greatly increase the posts exposure.

A New York Times writer ran experiments with these options, and found that a featured post yielded 1000% increase in interaction on the post. Read the full story here.

And What About My Posts To Friends?

A study by the Facebook Data Science Team and the human-computer interaction group at Stanford University’s computer science department says one third of your friends will be shown a given post by you. Read the full study here (pdf).

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