how to choose the right social media network for your business

How to Choose a Social Network for Business

When I start working with a new client, more often than not they have little to no social networking experience. The main confusion they express to me is that they don’t know the difference between the different networks. How can they choose which one(s) to use if they don’t understand how each one can benefit them? Here’s a quick outline of how each social media network can work for your business, depending on the needs and resources at your disposal.

Social Media Features for Business

Use the infographic below, from, to get the basic idea of how each social media network can be best utilized for promoting your business. To summarize: Is a social network good for…

  • Photos?
  • Video?
  • Articles?
  • Text?

Are your objectives…

  • SEO?
  • Traffic?
  • Exposure?
  • Engagement?

What is the potential reach? How many people are using each network? Is your target audience amongst them? What skills do you have that you can use to make use of social media?

  • Copywriting?
  • Graphic Design?
  • Trend Spotting?
  • Videography?
  • Photography?

Find out which social media network is right for you and your business below.

infographic from

infographic from

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