Get more instagram filters with these free apps

Instagram Filters – Three Free Apps For More Variety

For those who love a bit of abstraction and art in each post they share with the world, Instagram is social networking at its best. And Instagram filters are just fun.

The default assortment of filters is certainly enough to give your photos that extra something special to make them pop, but after a while they do all start looking a bit like the same old same old. So here’s a collection of free apps that will add to your collection of Instagram filters and effects for your photos.

Quick Tip:
Use these free apps of photo filters to add variety to your photos for Instagram, Facebook and more.

Beyond Instagram Filters

I selected these apps after using them each quite a bit in my own Instagram account, prodding and poking them to see what makes them tick and what they can add to my photo creativity. Each has been selected for its filter selection and quality, general ease of use and that it is free.

Use the Laminar iPhone app to add Instagram filters
Laminar Lite

Filter Quality: High
Filter Variety: High

Laminar is a full featured image editor for the iPhone. It offers a ton of slider adjusted effects to fine tune your images. Perhaps it’s most powerful is the built in layer capabilities, allowing you to stack and blend images together. The default filters and effects are top quality and, along with all of it’s many other fine-tune adjustment tools, allows for a potentially endless variety of results. Basic features are accessible to the novice while more advanced features are ready when you are.

Use the tadaa iPhone app to add Instagram filters
tadaa – HD Pro Camera

Filter Quality: High
Filter Variety: Medium

tadaa is a fun little app of filters for your photos, which comes with a few essential support tools like cropping and framing as well. The tool I like the most is it’s custom blur effects. The Filters are all very good, some quite creative, and they seem to offer more from time to time as free downloads. The app is free, but it does require you create an account (or log in with Facebook), as the app is the front end of a community for photo sharing, musch like Instagram. But it is not required that you take part in their social network in order to make use of the filters and tools, then export your image for use in Instagram.

Use the Magic Hour iPhone app to add Instagram filters
Magic Hour Lite – Camera & Unlimited Filter

Filter Quality: Low to High
Filter Variety: Endless

Magic Hour stands out for its built in community of filter sharing. Anyone can use the app to create their own filters, then share those filters for others to use, all for free. Even if that doesn’t interest you, the built in default filters and adjustments are worth the download, just to add them to your options.

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