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Instagram Hasthags For Your Business

You have some great Instagram photos for your business, and an endless supply of ideas of what more you can snap pics of to keep your audience updated. All you need now is that audience. So how do you get it?

The easiest approach is to master the art of the hashtag. You know those words, or smashed phrases, that start with #? For instance: #glopilotwebdesign. Here’s some basic training that will help you get the word (and images) out.

Be Relevant

The most basic idea when using hashtags on Instagram is to start with describing your image with a few relevant words or phrases. For instance, an image of your new product, let’s say it is a shirt, could use:

#shirt #clothing #summerclothes

Be Local

If you are looking to target a specific region it can be as easy as including some further hashtags. Use both specific and greater area descriptions, such as:

#socal #sandiego #delmar

Be Fun

Don’t forget to let your personality shine through in your social media. Hashtags are a perfect way to add some subtle (or not so subtle) extra commentary. Continuing with the above example:

#summerdreams #toohot #goodtimes

Be Community Minded

If you use other apps in creating your images for Instagram, include those app’s names as hashtags too. Not only can this get you notice and mentions by those apps, but it can also inspire inspired followers who appreciate that you are sharing ideas on how you do what you do.

If you are looking for some ideas on what apps can enhance you Instagram images, try some of these:

#snapseed #vscocam #mextures


Play Along

That said, remember that hashtags are designed to be a search tool, not a method of personal expression. So while it is okay to put in some fun, silly or random hashtags for spice, keep in mind that a solid hashtag strategy is about helping people find you.

While it may not feel original to use certain general purpose hashtags, it can quickly help drive viewers to your content. It is not that each viewer will then become an instant, life-long fan, but the more the merrier and the greater chance of finding new fans. So don’t hesitate to go with hashtags like:

#picoftheday #iphoneonly #love

Researching Your Hashtags

There is a great online tool called Statigram which can help you get your hashtag chops up to par. Statigram lets you search for hashtags, and the results give you some very useful info.

  • Number of times a hashtag has been used. A high number is a great indication that you will get some traffic from its use.
  • Similar hashtags, with use counts, that may give you some better ideas than what you started with.
  • Clicking on a hashtag result will show you the latest images tagged as such. It is a good habit to check out a new hashtag you are considering in this way to make sure others think it means what you think it means; especially important for acronyms!

Optimizing Readability

When using hashtags don’t put them in the initial photo caption when you post. Keep that space for your primary message that accompanies the image and you will be making it much more approachable. The best practice is to first make your image post, with caption, then make a comment on your own post with just the hashtags of your choosing.

Tip: Once you have used a hashtag in a comment Instagram will recall it and make it as a suggestion in the future when you start typing with a #. This saves a lot of time as you will most likely have a core group of hashtags you use over and over.

Tip: Using the above approach of adding hashtags in a comment you can easily go back to old images and add new hashtags anytime you like. This can be a great repurposing of content as you find more hashtags that work for you down the road.

Tip: If you want to really get into this, you can learn and use some of the more cryptic hashtags.

Instagram & Other Social Media Strategies

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