dont let the wool be pulled over your eyes

It’s Just Not True! (Retro Ad)

I am on this retro ad remix kick and just can’t get enough. I decided that some random prompting would be fun to play with and I recalled a site I used to post my 3D art to many years ago called It is a really fun site where each week they give you a user submitted art prompt in the form of one or more words, which you then set to interpreting with whatever form of art you like. You have a week to complete it and post an image of it to your blog for others in the group to see.

I enjoyed the challenge this presented me; trying to get something in-concept, yet also fitting in with my idea of a retro ad. The result is, well, a bit silly perhaps. But then, so am I.

don't let the wool be pulled over your eyes

Don’t let the wool be pulled over your eyes. A responsive design means one site, any device. Medium: digital collage.

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