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What Length Should My Social Media Posts Be?

Great question! While lots of people are recommending this and that, largely based on their own direct experience of trial and error, I turn to the big guns for my answers.

Enter the Buffer App team, which is very serious about optimizing social media efforts. They have gathered a pretty complete list of research-based findings for post lengths in your various social media networks. Read on for the summary of findings.

Variations on a Theme

Each social network has different sets of “rules” for how and what you can post. These rules have caused the users of each network to expect and respond in ways that have become more and more foreseeable over time. Here’s a quick cheat sheet of info from the Buffer App blog for guiding your content creation on the top three networks.

Tweet length: 100 characters.

Facebook post: 40 characters.

Google+ headline: 6 words.

That info right there should help you on your way to better results. Want to see the data behind these recommendations? Want guidelines for other content, such as the ideal length of a blog post title or an email subject line? Check out the full post here.

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