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Photography Tips For Phone Cameras

Just about everyone these days is taking photos from their mobile phone. Bazillions of people who never aspired to to be photographers are now snapping, stylizing and posting pictures like we were born to do it. And we could all use some photography tips to help us do it well.

Tips abound online on how to take better mobile photos, but it can be overwhelming where to start if you want to learn more. Fortunately for us, the web magazine One Extra Pixel has posted some very helpful photography tips in their new infographic.

Photography Tips for Lighting, Composition and Filter Usage

Check out their super helpful infographic filled with photography tips for mobile phone photographers. They put a focus on instagram users, but also include a number of recommendations for other useful camera apps. They cover multiple devices too (not just iPhone and Android).

Also, don’t miss out on my tutorials on adding text to instagram images and adding more filters to your instagram tool belt.

All credit for the infographic and the original source can be found here. infographic infographic

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