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The American Fitness Index

afiThe American Fitness Index, a signature program created by The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), sheds light on the health levels of cities across the United States.  This user-centered, online hub presents national public health leaders with an engaging, easy-to-use interface for viewing AFI’s complex data. Website Topic: Social & Cultural Change & Analysis

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Paddle Imua

folio-leapPaddle Imua is a yearly paddle race event for the benefit of Imua Family Services’ special needs children at Camp Imua. Participants come from all over the world to take part in this beautiful ocean race off the coast of Maui. Imua means “moving forward” and implies the strength that one learns in paddling the sea that they can then bring to support their community. Website topic: providing attendees with registration info, past event photos and sponsorship opportunities. 

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Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

folio-leapLEAP is an international organization of criminal justice professionals who bear personal witness to the wasteful futility and harms of our current drug policies. Glopilot gave this content-rich, high-traffic web site an organizational and design overhaul, creating an effective and informative communications hub. Website Topic: Organization Providing News & Events To End Prohibition

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Heffter Research Institute

folio-heffterFor Heffter Research Institute, Glopilot’s design strategy was to draw attention to the group’s formidable researchers, along with its ground-breaking investigations into the science of consciousness and the treatment of anxiety in cancer patients. Visit Heffter.org to view our work and that of this pioneering institute. Website Topic: Scientific Research Organization Providing Study Findings & News

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Kilung Foundation

folio-kilungThis site brought the Kilung Foundation’s cause to a world-wide audience: bringing humanitarian aid to Dzachuka in east Tibet while answering the call for Buddhist teachings in the west. Website Topic: Buddhist Organization Providing Teachings & Cultural Support

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Small & Large Companies

ericEric Saperston

A prolific speaker, Eric has inspired audiences including around the world with his message to “Live in Wonder.” Live In Wonder is a social movement and global lifestyle brand rallying people all over the world to wake up and be awesome.

 Website Topic: Speaker, Life Coach & All Around Cool Guy

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focuscopeFocuscope is a Chicago-based market research facility with satellites in Oak Park and Oak Brook. They provide top name companies with focus groups, interviewing, field management and more. Website Topic: Focus Group Client & Member Recruitment

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ssSoulScape is a gift and bookstore located in Encinitas, CA. The site receives a lot of mobile traffic, especially from Yelp referrals, and so I designed a completely responsive site that fits the screen it is on. The site also features custom Instagram integration to allow for images to be auto posted to the home page, and collected over time in the gallery. Website Topic: Retail Gift & Bookstore

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FatPie Pizza

fatpie pizzaBringing the much needed deep dish pizza to norther Washington, FaPie Pizza strives to provide the best Chicago and Detroit style pan pizza around. Website Topic: Deep Dish Pizza Restaurant

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Tarot Association

tarot associationA world-wide community of people who study and practice the art of tarot, Tarot Association provides educational programs with both depth and scope. Website Topic: Educational Community For the Art Of Tarot

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Controlled Remote Viewing

controlled remote viewingBased on the U.S. Government’s remote viewing training programs, this school teaches people the practice of remote viewing for both professional uses and personal growth. Website Topic: School For Controlled Remote Viewing

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folio-cpRob Hamspon finds inspiration for his painting in the wisdom classic, the Tao Te Ching. Reading a passage in the morning, he then contemplates and integrates the meaning into his life and paintings. The site reflects the simplicity of the way, like a blank canvas upon which images of his portfolio can shine forth in the browser. Website Topic: Fine Artist Portfolio

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folio-cpCarrieParis.com is the web site of Carrie Paris, M.A., the creator of TalkingTarot.com (a Glopilot project currently in progress).  Here, Carrie’s audience will find webcast interviews, animated interviews with the Trump cards, online classes on tarot divination, along with other multimedia learning experiences.  See our work and learn more about Carrie Paris by visiting CarrisParis.com! Website Topic: Tarot Reader & Teacher

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drvoodooDr. Voodoo’s Cartoons of Moral Hazard and Other Cautionary Tales is a fun little site for Dr Voodoo to post his latest comical ponderings.Website Topic: Online Cartoons

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Brochure Sites

limoSeattle Door To Door Limo

Seattle Door to Door Limo is a luxury, highly professional and personable transport service for airport, corporate and business clients, weddings, touring and special occasions. Luxurious, yes, but amazingly affordable compared to its competitors. Website Topic: Limo and Driver Services in the Greater Seattle Area

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Awalau Farm

visit awalaufarm.comLocated on the Hawaiian island of Maui, this farm host WWOOFers to live and work on the farm while learning from the experienced staff. They also hold seasonal community events such as the Haunted Haiku Hike. Website Topic: Farming and WWOOFer Opportunities

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Hawaiian Clay

hawaiian clayThis natural Hawaiian clay formed from Volcanic ash deposits has many health and beauty benefits. It is used in Spas locally on Maui and around the world. Website Topic: Natural Healing & Spa Treatment Clay

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unpredictiball.comThis wild game is all at once fun, easy to learn and beneficial to your over all body coordination. A perfect combo for both casual fun and martial training. Website Topic: A Simple, Fun Game For Agility Training

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Animations & Games

ACME Ice Cream

folio-acmeAcme Ice Cream is absolutely the best ice cream in the world – rich, creamy, dense, taffy-like and completely satisfying.  Glopilot provided direction on the creation of the Acme Ice Cream brand’s story and designed a beautiful site, reflective of Acme, Washington.  See the Flash-animated opening, where the Twin Sisters mountains are covered in chocolate, melting in the sun. Website Topic: Ice Cream Company

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Divine Play Productions

folio-dpDivine Play Productions is a company that produces vibrant, social events that inspire and challenge participants to deepen knowledge of their soul’s unique purpose.  Glopilot designed the company’s Web site, along with a free trial version of The Tarot Game. Website Topic: Tarot-Inspired Board Game With Online Demo

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folio-styxRiverstyx.com is a vast, media-rich, interactive game intended to inspire light-hearted philosophical inquiry in its viewers.  Riverstyx 2.0, a brand new version of this wry existential journey, is now available!  With Gabe’s sumptuous, animated art and sound design; Alex Park’s brilliant narrative direction; and Charon’s inspirational insights, the new Riverstyx.com plunges its viewers headlong into the farce of existence. Website Topic: Interactive Game Exploring Mythology & Philosophy

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McBride Magic

folio-mmThis immersive, magical, virtual world dazzles the fans of Jeff McBride, one of the world’s foremost stage magicians.  Check out McBrideMagic.com, too, to see what I did for Jeff’s slick business portal. Website Topic: Interactive Exploration Of The Magical World Of Jeff McBride

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