responsive design is a big benefit to your website's search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization – The Benefits of Responsive Design

Responsive design, having a site designed so that it works well on any screen, can be a huge boost to your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) compared to other solutions, such as having a separate mobile site or worse yet, no mobile site at all.

Just how does responsive design help your website’s SEO?

Quick Tip:
Give your website the SEO boost it needs with a responsive design.

Plus, a responsive design has many other benefits!

The Many Benefits of Responsive Design to Search Engine Optimization

  • Google ranks websites with a mobile design higher in searches made from mobile devices. (Google also directly recommends responsive design.)
  • When other websites link to yours (back linking), which is a benefit to your SEO in itself, this one link is linking to both your main website and your mobile site (one and the same).
  • Avoid the mess of having duplicate content on two versions of your website. Sure, this can be configured to not hurt your SEO, but with one responsive website you don’t even have to think about the extra work involved.
  • With a responsive design your site is usable on any device, which means a lower bounce rate (people leaving your site because of poor first impressions). The longer they are on your site the more Google pays attention to your site!

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