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Why Security Scans Can Improve Your WordPress SEO

Whether it is targeted titles, keywords in content, page load speed, site maps or any of the many other SEO elements, it pays to address as many of them as possible for best results. While working with WordPress as your website solution can make so many of these strategies much more approachable, it can also make your site more vulnerable if you don’t pay attention.

Keeping your site secure should not only be a priority for you for the obvious reasons, but it can also help keep all that valuable SEO you have worked hard for. Here’s how:

External Links & SEO

Google loves it when your site links to relevant external information, and this should definitely be a part of your SEO strategy. It is all a part of creating an informed Internet where good info leads to more good info.

Yet if you happen to link to a website that has been flagged by Google as malicious (usually because they spam or host malware), then you can be penalized.

Website Upkeep

My Website Upkeep Plan includes daily scans of your WordPress site. This scan includes testing all outgoing links for the above flagging. It also includes checks for updates, hacks, malware, viruses and more. If you would like to learn more,

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WordPress Security Scans

To keep things clean on your site, regularly check all outgoing links you post to make sure they are clean as well. Posting a bad link can get you flagged, and you then have to go through the process of proving to Google that you are legitimate again.


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