The benefits of Google Authorship

The SEO Benefits of Google Authorship

Google, as just about everyone will agree, is by far one of the best places to focus your SEO effort on. In addition to it being the most popular search engine (followed by Bing and Yahoo at the time of this post) Google offers a great way to get your content more available to your audience: Google Authorship.

If you have a blog, Google Authorship is a slick feature to implement that will help get your name, and content, out there. Here’s the basic idea of what it is all about.

Getting Credit

Setting up Google Authorship is a process of verifying your identity, and your identity’s connection to your blog articles. This verification can be made for both your personal blog, which you control, and other blogs that you may contribute to.

The idea here is that once you have verified yourself as and actual person and associated your writing online with that identity, Google will then give you a bit of special treatment.

SEO Benefits

A Google verified author’s content appears different in search results than a typical link that has no author associated with it. In addition to the normal excerpt and link, you will also get a small thumbnail of your photo (taken from your G+ profile) and your name, which links to a list of everything associated with your Google Author identity.

Google Authorship Entry for Gabe Marihugh

Google Authorship Entry for Gabe Marihugh

In addition to the increased visibility, and clickability, this kind of entry offers, the plan is that over time, as you publish your quality content, Google will be paying attention and benefiting you for being legit.

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If you would like to learn even more about how being a Google Author can benefit your writing, read this article about the results of an eye tracking study that shows how impactful this feature can be.

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