Google changed the rules of SEO over the course of 2013

SEO in 2013

A lot has changed in the world of SEO in 2012. Google initiated two major changes to how the search services index and rank sites. The old days of SEO trickery are over and a new era of quality content has begun!

The SEO Basics of this New Era

Really, things just got simpler. Google is no longer paying attention to:

Quick Tip:
Don’t waste time with SEO trickery like keyword stuffing and unrelated back-linking.

Instead, go full steam ahead on creating awesome content that your audience will benefit from.

  • Unrelated back-links to your site – so quit chasing them
  • The Meta Keywords tag on your pages
  • Key word density reaching a specific ratio

Google is now focused on your actual page content, which only makes sense. The initiative is to promote quality, not quantity. So get your writing chops together and start making that magic happen.

Note: Google is still paying attention to your site’s meta description, but it is comparing it to the actual site content to see if they are in line. Also, keywords in content are still a major factor of course, and can be as well strategized as ever. But if your content reads like it was stuffed with keywords, your content will not rate as high.

… and in case you were wondering…

Does Google Really Ignore the Meta Keywords?

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