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Sharing Images on Facebook Gets More Likes

Everyday the Internet continues to become more and more a visual medium. I am not saying images are going to wipe out the written word, but consider this: a recent study done by the marketing pros over at hubspot has shown that images shared on Facebook get 53% more likes than normal posts!

Quick Tip: Use images with words on them on Facebook and improve your chances of likes, comments and click-throughs.

Tell Your Story Visually

Images are an excellent way to promote your business via Facebook. And with statistics like those above, well, you just can’t ignore them. In addition to sharing images on your feed, remember these vital spots as well:

  • Your Facebook page cover image is an excellent opportunity to give first impressions and communicate priority ideas to your visitors. 
  • Your Facebook page profile image is seen next to every post you make, and so can become a useful tool in recognition.

Don’t forget, per the Facebook rules you can only cover 20% of an image with words.

Images can speak more than words, telling a complete story almost instantaneously. This is an amazing way to connect with your audience.

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