social media is about having a conversation as a means of connecting

Social Media For Business: Be Somebody

If you are going to have a business presence on a given social media site, it is vital that you keep that presence alive with something more than automated posts that amount to little more than a stream of advertisements for your business. If you want your presence to be valued by others, social media for business is about more than spamming your brand  to your fans.

What is it that we want from a business, or anyone for that matter, on social networks?

Quick Tip:
Remember to put the “social” in your social networking presences.

It is perfectly fine to post your business news, but keep it real by being a real person = converse!

Social Media for Business is Just Being Social, as a Business

Certainly their are baseline benefits of having a social media page for your business, even if it is just a profile page with your contact and location info. But if you want to tap into the marketing potential of social media, you will need to be more than just a yellow pages ad.

The real deal of social media for business is that in the process of trying to figure out how to better engage your audience, you will turn your audience into actual friends. When you pay attention to people, they respond in kind, and for a business this means more recognition and exposure.

Joining the Conversation

The same basic principles of conversing in person apply to conversing through social media. To be a good conversant you must be a good listener. Spend the time it takes to read your follower and fan’s posts. Get to know them and figure out common interest topics you can post on that may or may not be directly related to your brand.

Take your time, and enjoy the “getting-to-know-you” process that everyone is taking part in. Social media is not about instant results, it is about community building based on shared values. Be a benefit to the community and the community will be a benefit to you.


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