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Social Media Guides

Getting into social media can be difficult for those who are not simply taken away by it. If you market your business online though, it can be an essential set of skills to develop in order to make the most of this (mostly) free advertising medium.

Where to start with each of the social media platforms? I have gathered here some guidelines, walkthroughs and instructions for some of the most popular social media networks.

First, Know What Is Right For You

The first step is to determine which social media networks are right for you. This can be as easy as asking the question, “which social media do I use myself?” If you already use it for your persoanl life, that’s a great indication that you can get a lot out of it for your business.

If you don’t use any social media personally it can be difficult to figure out where to put your attention. The trick is to match your business, your interests and your  resources to the social media site that will be the most conducive to it. I suggest using this excellent infographic to figure out which site is right for you.

Second, Read Up On Your Chosen Social Media Site

Jumping in to social media is one way to learn how to use it, but for a business there are often tools, resources and strategies that are not obvious through use. To remove these blind spots I suggest using one or more of Hubspot’s guides to social media websites. They are the perfect primers for each site; short, to the point and filled with simple tips and ideas.

The above guides do require you to submit your email address to gain access. Hubspot is very professional and I would not recommend them if they used my email to spam me.

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Remember,  each social media site, though similar to one another, works in unique ways, especially when it comes to marketing a business. So take a couple hours, use the resources above and get on the right track for your efforts.

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