don't clutter your site with excess share buttons

Social Media Share Buttons: Helpful or Hindrance?

Site owners, bloggers and website marketers are beginning to realize that, in many cases, plastering a web site with social media sharing buttons can actually take away from your reader’s experience, and therefor reduce engagement.

Clearing Away the Clutter

Quick Tip:
Don’t link to and promote social sharing to sites you yourself do not actively use.

Doing so creates a disconnect rather than a connection between you and your visitors.

My approach is to make use of the social networks that the client is actively involved with. Trying out new social media is definitely a good thing, but keep in mind that to do well on a given social network one has to invest not only time, but enthusiastic interest. The key to all social networking is authenticity.

In general, visitor who will share your site already know how to go about it in their own way, and most likely prefer that way to a social share button that you provide. That said, the share buttons can serve as a visual cue, a call to action that can increase shares if integrated well with the design and content.

Be clear from the start, is the goal of your site to drive social shares or is the goal to give people a quality, memorable and therefor shareable experience.

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