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Update: How Many People See Your Facebook Posts?

This is an update to my previous post here. Today Facebook held an event where they revealed the new Facebook timeline. There are a ton of new things to love and hate about it, I am sure, and we will be hearing more about that from everybody in the days to come.

While I was perusing the live feed of the event, however, I found this little bit of info that directly addresses the number of people viewing your posts.

Every Single Post?

Apparently so.

“There’s now a feed that makes sure you get EVERY SINGLE post that your friends and Pages you’ve liked are posting. That way you know that there’s an option out there that shows you everything that’s going on, much like a Twitter feed.”

This seems to indicate that they have directly addressed the gripes about only a percentage of people seeing our posts and having to pay for more. We shall see…

Live Feed Here

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