update to wordpress 3.7

Update WordPress to 3.5.2

It’s time to update your core WordPress installation. This latest version of WordPress is a security and maintenance update. So no new bells and whistles, but certainly essential things under the hood that you will want.

For more info on how to do this for yourself or to get help from me, read further.

You can follow my tutorial to update your WordPress installation here. If you are looking for help, I offer this service as a part of my awesome Website Upkeep plan. This monthly plan includes all manner of WordPress monitoring and upkeep, including core updates, plugin security and updates, virus and hack scans and fixes.

Remember, keeping your WordPress installation up to date is essential for both security and functionality. Once you make an update it is a very good idea to check over you whole site to make sure everything is still working correctly, especially and plugins you currently have activated. Of course, all of this is covered in my website upkeep plan 🙂


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