video marketing with instagram and vine

Video Marketing With Vine & Instagram For Your Small Business

Is your small business using Instagram or Twitter? Have you considered the possibilities of what you can do to creatively get more attention from your followers by utilizing video marketing?

Traditional video marketing (think TV commercials) can be a labor and cost intensive affair. Now however, with the introductions of Twitter Vine and Instagram videos, we all have a valuable tool for reaching our audience right in our pocket. Here’s some tips and ideas on how to take advantage of the current tools for small business video marketing.

Video Marketing? Think Dream Sequences

The short video format of Vine (6 seconds) and Instagram (15 seconds) may at first give you pause as to just how you could possibly fit a useful communication into such a short amount of time.

An emerging technique is to use a number of shorter clips spliced together in order to create an overall feeling that you are after. This is similar to the idea of a dream sequence in some modern movies and TV shows. Things may seem disjointed if taken alone, but put together create an overall communication.

Consider the parts and whole of the following Instagram video for a menswear show:

Here’s a few more along these lines.

Basic Tips

Start with considering what you will be videoing. Will it be product? Will it be your business location? Will it be atmospheric and thematic to the mood of your brand? Take some time to plan your shots. You don’t have to be overkill, because you can always start over if you have a better idea once you begin.

Take a moment and just sit where you plan to shoot. Listen to what sounds will be on the video and how the lighting in the area will work. Go ahead and take some samples and play with the results (just don’t post until you are ready!).

Remember: this medium (short social video) is by nature meant to look edgy, organic and fun. So don’t think you are aiming for a highly polished result; your followers won’t be expecting it anyway.

Further Ideas

With the above in mind, think about how you might show off your business.

  • Are you a retail shop? Try a walk through of the different nooks and crannies of your shop. Or a showcase of new products that have come in each week.
  • Are you a restaurant? Maybe a quick shot of a variety of your special dishes all yummy looking.
  • Are you a service provider? Go for a single word answer to your question, “How was my service?” Capture a clip of a dozen clients smiling and saying “Excellent!”
  • Got some real quirky ideas? Try a stop motion animation of something clever like the below videos.

With the above, you could mix and match the ideas to suit your particular industry.

Plus, any of these could be turned into a series.


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