Web Design Services Overview

The Internet is an ever-evolving environment, and so too must a website be if you want it to be successful. My job is to clarify this process for you. I meet you where you are at, help you learn what you need to learn, and provide support for all the aspects of web design and different kinds of ongoing management (SEO, social mediamarketing & maintenance) that you don’t have time for.

The guiding principle for my business is to have great communication with my clients. My projects all include:

  • A clear outline of costs before anything is agreed upon.
  • A Demystifying of the tech-talk which typically goes with websites and educating my clients so that they can understand what is and ins’t useful for them to pursue, and how to go about it.
  • Myself as your seasoned, friendly and understanding project manager.
  • Availability to answer questions, brainstorm solutions and troubleshoot challenges with my clients, both during and after a project.

In order to serve you best I am constantly furthering my education on the many related topics to online business so that my skills and strategies stay current with the constant change of online mediums.

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  • "Gabe is completely ‘above and beyond’ professional
    and an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish.”