responsive design is the web design of the future

What Responsive Design Is & Why You Want It

Probably the most common question I get these days is “do you do responsive design?” Often times the follow up questions is “so what exactly is it?”

The answer to the first question is yes. As for the second question, let me put it as plain and simple as I can, because it is important that website owners know what responsive design is, as it is the blueprint of the modern web.

Quick Tip:
Know that responsive design is the way all things are going online.

One site, many devices.

If you are planning a new site or a redesign to an old one, it will be greatly to your benefit that it be responsive.

“Responsive” Means it Responds to the Shape & Size of the Screen

Really, that’s it. A site with responsive design is a site that changes its layout, shape, perhaps even some design elements and content, to fit nicely on the screen it is being viewed on, whether a giant desktop monitor, a middle sized laptop or a small hand-held device like a smart phone or tablet.

As an example, if you are viewing this site on a normal sized computer browser, simply resize the browser window to see how the site changes in order to best fit the new size. If you have a smart phone, check it out on that too to see how much different the site can be laid out to best serve the device it is on.

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