find the best times to post to your social media netwroks

When to Post on Facebook And Twitter

If you are looking to make the most of social media for your business, then it can pay off to put some time into discovering when to post on Facebook, or any other social media sites you share on.

The best approach is of course to simply spend a ton of time on your chosen network(s) and find out for yourself when your connections are online. But what if you are looking for a way to streamline that discovery?

Quick Tip:
Aim to be online when your fans are online.

As a rough rule, social media use starts to climb from 5PM, and peaks at 9PM.

When to Post on Facebook and Twitter?

For Facebook we can turn to a recent report from Arbitron Mobile Oy, which has found:

“Starting at 5 p.m., the average time per hour for voice calling falls off sharply. At the same time, average time per hour for mobile gaming and social networking begins a sharp acceleration toward their respective peak hours of 9 p.m.”

For Twitter we can get a bit more specific. There is a web app called Tweriod, which analyzes your Twitter followers and determines peak times they will be online. Very cool information. It is for Twitter only though.

What If I Can’t Be Online At Those Times?

All is not lost! One of the coolest web apps out there is a tool called Buffer. It allows you to “buffer” posts which will then be posted at times you have scheduled. There are other apps out there with similar ideas, but Buffer is by far the simplest to use, and allows for Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts to all be connected.

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