Design your website to inspire trust in your visitors

Why You Need A Beautiful Site

As the old adage proclaims, “first impressions are everything.” This is as much true for websites as anything else. This facet of human perception and psychology is why design needs to be at the forefront of any website strategy.

So what do we know about websites and first impressions?

Quick Tip:
Do what you can to simplify your site by making your content shorter and to the point.

If you are having a site designed, aim towards an integrated and positive feeling in the site aesthetic and an easy to use navigational design.

Design Is Priority In Visitor’s Eyes

In a study (pdf) titled “Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites” the findings show that of all the elements involved in deciding whether or not to trust a website, 94% of them were design oriented. These were:

  • Name of website doesn’t fit
  • Layout too complex
  • No navigational aids
  • Design is boring (especially colors)
  • Pop up advertisements
  • Slow introduction
  • Print too small
  • Too much copy
  • Looks and feels too corporate
  • Poor search-ability

The above accounted for 94% of the reasons people in the study decided to not trust a site, which left only 4% to take into account the remaining factor, content. Of course, this all flips once you have the visitor’s trust and interest; that’s when content takes over.

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