Wordpress Security Anyone Can Do

WordPress Security Basics For Website Owners

WordPress security is something every owner of a WordPress website should take seriously. WordPress is a very secure system, but only if you don’t leave doors open for hackers through misuse.

Attacks on websites with password protection, like those running WordPress, are ongoing. It is nothing to take personal. It’s just the reality of the Internet ecosystem.

“Brute force” attacks target your actual user name and password login system to try and get to the other side. Here are the basics of making your WordPress login hacker-proof. With no geekery required.

Quick Tip:
Keep your WordPress website secure with these simple tips on login and password management.

Simple WordPress Security

It really comes down to some basic things that will make your WordPress site very secure:

  1. Don’t have a user name that is “admin.” This is way too easy to guess. If Wordress gave this to you, change it. 
  2. Always use passwords that would be impossible to guess. Use a random password generator like this one.
  3. If you have any themes or plugins in your WordPress admin that are not in use, delete them. Even if they are disabled they are still vulnerable to attack. Deleting them is the best way to make certain they cannot be targeted.
  4. Always keep your WordPress updated to the latest release. I have easy instructions here: Updating WordPress in Two Clicks.

There are certainly more advanced techniques that can help ensure/insure your WordPress site. Without the 4 basics above, however, all the advanced techniques in the world can be for naught. These WordPress security basics are easy enough for any website owner to do on their own as well.

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