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WordPress Update – Version 3.6

The latest release of WordPress is out which means it is time for a WordPress update. In addition to the general core updates this release includes some fancy new functionality for us users. Read on to learn more about how to make the update and what it comes with.

WordPress security experts generally suggest that if your website is a high traffic site you should wait a couple days after a new WordPress release before updating. This ensures that any bugs that might be found will be found and fixed before you implement the update yourself. This latest release, WordPress 3.6 or “Oscar” (named after the jazz pianist Oscar Peterson), has now been out a couple days and everything seems to be working perfect.

For those ready to go, you can read my post on how to update WordPress for for yourself. Don’t forget to do at least a basic WordPress backup before you update, just to be safe.

Questions or need help with your update?

I am happy to help, just send me an email and let’s check things out.

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If you are on my Website Upkeep Plan then you have already received a notice from me that your site has been updated and tested. Keeping your site updated like this is just one of the many quality and security control services I provide as a part of the upkeep plan.

New Features In WordPress 3.6

Here’s a brief list of what you get with this new update.

  • Page and Post Revision Control. A new interface for browsing your revision changes so you can see who changed what and when. Very helpful for blogs with multiple contributors.
  • Post Locking and Autosave. Again this one is helpful for the multi-contributor sites, so you can make sure you are not writing over someone else’s work as they are writing over yours.
  • Built in HTML5 Media Player. This allows you to upload videos from your computer right to your website and embed them very easily in a way that modern browsers and devices can all see.
  • Simpler Menu Editor. Building and editing your website menus just got easier.
  • And more, which you can read about on the official WordPress blog.

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