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Writing for SEO & Humans

Creating great web copy is a twofold task; you must be writing for SEO ranking and writing for your reader’s benefit. With all the latest updates in Google’s approach to website ranking, it is becoming ever more important to have an understanding and strategy to include both dimensions.

Fortunately for us the peeps over at contentverve.com have created a simplified infographic on how to approach both sides of the task.

Read the full infographic below. Here’s my summarized takeaway:

  • Start with writing for your audience, then refine the copy for SEO.
  • Don’t waste effort on cramming keywords in there, but do use plenty of synonyms and other variations throughout.
  • Write quality copy that meets a reader’s needs, answering questions and being descriptive (including in your titles).
  • Make sure your content is going out and being shared via social media, and doubly make sure you are all set up as a Google Author.

SEO Copywriting – 10 Tips for Writing Content that Ranks in 2013 (Infographic)

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