To Yelp of not to Yelp

Yelp Pros and the Yelp Con Job

Yelp is a helpful resource to a bazillion people who are looking for local businesses and would like to read reviews first. There is no doubt that a Yelp listing can help put your business in front of a ton of people.

But there is a flip side for the business owner. A darker, shadowy underside that you just have to live with.

Quick Tip:
Only choose to have a Yelp business listing if you see the benefit, and keep in mind you may not have a choice.

If you do have one, have it serve you best by making sure it is as professional as can be, with images, business and owner information filled out.

The Benefits of a Yelp Business Page

The thing is, Yelp has AWESOME search engine ranking, so your business listing on Yelp stands a great chance of outperforming your actual website in searches. This can help a new website get a mention, in the form of Yelp, early on in searches, even though the actual website appears much later in the search.

In addition, the Yelp listing acts like a yellow pages listing for your business. Make sure you fill in all the info and provide beautiful pictures to entice your potential customer.

The Con of a Yelp Business Page

So your favorite customers are leaving reviews with 5 stars on Yelp. But wait, where did most of them go? Yelp has filtered them as being fake!

Yelp automatically filters almost all of your great reviews, leaves the poor ones, and claims it is all done mathematically. Because I work with so few clients, I know every one of my reviewers, which means they are real. Yet Yelp has filtered 7 of my 8 reviews as fake.

What Yelp then does is call you and ask if you want to pay to advertise on Yelp, mentioning that when you do you will get more control over your reviews that show. It is a scam, but one we have to live with.

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